Current Projects 2Q 2018 – Where are you now?

Where are we now? This is the question most of my customers deal with during Q2 this year. The Strategy is in place, first – sometimes many – steps are made … but are we delivering results? No matter if you are working on a performance project, you are busy implementing a cultural change initiative […]

Online Coaching – Functionality Strikes Ritual

Business coaching in the corporate environment is usually held today as face-to-face coaching. Coach and coachee sit opposite each other, look each other in the eye and have a good conversation until the request has been sufficiently clarified. The coachee has received in advance three coaches for preselection, which he has contacted. So both have […]

Strategy is a Living Thing

A recent study by brings it to the table – again: Strategy Execution is still one of the most rewarding core tasks for companies, especially their C-Level leaders. 500 senior corporate managers, 250 amongst them C-Suite leaders from a wide range of industries, with IT (10%), financial services (9%) and manufacturing (8%), doing business across the globe […]

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