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I am an independent solo-consultant and coach by choice. I am also part of professional communities of clients and colleagues. Circles of people who can trust each other. I am not seeking to sell billable days with lots of associated consultants to make a strategic project work.

I am focussed on you, your staff, leaders, project managers onsite.

They will have to spin the wheel in the end, anyway.

Over the past 20 years in industry I‘ve developed an own perspective on leadership, strategic change and cultural transformation – and also my own language. You might not hear me talking like a typical trouble shooting management consultant, nor will I build a cosy club style of athmosphere with you as my client when it comes to coaching or counselling.

Professional facades will not deliver superior performance in the end.

In relationship building between client and coach there has to be this one more thing I am willing to establish: It's trust.

Get in contact with a person who is highly interested in your company‘s situation as well as in the acting individuals. I am a professional who likes to dive into facts and emotions deeply, without losing focus. I will listen carefully and ask tough questions if necessary. I will focus on the realistc parts of your strategy, it‘s execution and the condition of your workforce


Born into an family of cabinetmakers I appreciate craftsmanship very much. In every aspect of business life. In my cultural and educational sciences I spent a considerable amount of time in studying the human factor. I have found many highly valuable answers. One is:

We tend to judge others by their behaviors and ourselves by our intentions.

My engagement in social work made me develop my empathy for people in threatening, critical life situations. My work as management consultant at VW and as a change & lean manufacturing project leader at Ford of Europe shaped the approach of how I do my work. In order to survive the discret charm of manufacturing, you will sooner or later become hands on, agile and pragmatic.

My professional qualification in systemic counselling and organizational development led to my moto:


My own firms (three in the past eighteen years) made me think the entrepreneurial way. Which means:

Consider your steps or you‘ll lose money.

In my life after work I have developped a passion for classic cars over the years. And I'm very proud to own two classics, some quality tools and a lift(!) built into our workshop. Drumming is the other passion I am addicted to and with all the ups and downs in business and life I stick to the golden rule:

No matter how you feel – keep the beat.

When I look into the mirror I see a slighty gray-haired 50+ guy who has kept his funkiness. With my wife Julia at my side, life feels actually pretty good!