Is your Strategy overwhelmed by Reality?

Good question!

The answer of the museum experts of OMSI: plan more flexibly and use a really big Kanban board for implementation. The idea is as ingenious as it is simple. How it works?

  1. Take the most important strategic goals and ideas for the next 3-5 years (looking into the future is despite all market dynamics still a must for corporate strategists).
  2. Test the ideas with the key people of all levels in the company; they are just waiting to give their input.
  3. Put everything in a Kanban board with three categories.
  4. Category 1: “On deck” Here are the strategic medium and long-term goals.
  5. Category 2: “In flight”: Here are the already operationalized goals for the current business / calendar year.
  6. Category 3: “Achieved”: The most appealing category … Here are the results achieved, the initiatives implemented.
  7. Check the “On deck” column regularly for meaningfulness, timeliness. Let go of what has now passed as an idea.

Conclusion: OMSI tells us little about how they will deal with the deviations in the goal achievement process, the Achilles heel of every strategy process; how are reviews designed, with which attitude will they encounter implementation problems? Nevertheless, the most important step in collaborative strategy planning has been achieved with the new procedure:

A clear system, easy to communicate and understand, that allows the OMSI team to regularly review their ideas and progress rather than being bitterly overwhelmed by reality.

Here’s the link to the article in Xplanes Strategy blog:

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