Year end 2017 – what was in it for us?

Isn’t it exactly about what Brian Blade on drums and his bassist Chris Thomas show in the picture?

And there were some of these situations in the past year. In coachings, in workshops and consulting. Special moments in which everything was right – change of perspective, respect, rousing, esteem and result. Real cooperation, real highlights that I like to remember.

The past year, however, has not just shown its chocolate side. And, to be realistic, I could not avoid to experience real flops – tedious, then busted business, indifference in business relationships, craziness according to trends …

So, if you (just like some Executives do at the end of the year) ask yourself if it was worth all the effort, then here comes my answer: take a look at the picture above! It’s all about those moments, nothing more, nothing less.

I wish all business partners and colleagues happy holidays and a happy new year, with all that goes with it!



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