An ancient Roman historian on Strategy Execution – pardon?

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Eutropios, the ancient Roman historian became famous for his clear, simple and impartial style of writing and thinking. Can you apply this mindset to Strategy Execution? You surely can! Identify one single breakthrough target for this FY, allocate resources there and monitor the execution personally. If you then manage to reach your target within the […]

Our Current Projects

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Facilitation of Groupcoaching Workshops for high level leaders in an international company. Focus: coping with current role challenges, developping future roles and options. Consulting in a restructuring project in the supply chain organization of a leading international company. Focus: Setting up a compelling strategic plan; covering all Change Management aspects of this initiative. Consulting on […]

The Strategy Pit Stop – how CEOs execute strategies faster than the competition

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Andreas Liebrecht and Volker Rau explain why “strategy giants” often become “execution dwarfs” and how managers can handle this. “Our goal for 2017 is to complete the 2016 goals, which we should have done in 2015, because we had already agreed to them in 2014 and planned them in 2013.” Hand on heart: this sentence […]


Strategy Execution: How to make a million-dollar business with a breakthrough target.

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Field report for executives who want to make a real difference. Breakthrough objectives are the means of choice in order to clearly improve the company’s situation over the financial year. An example: The COO of a Hidden Champion of the automotive supply industry laments the considerable pressure exerted by its investors at him. The EBIT […]

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Executive Coaching – don’t be afraid of confrontation

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Why do executives need to be challenged in coaching? Coaching dialogues run on a continuum between appreciation and confrontation / challenge.  This will lead to development.  In other words: A. If the coach treats his coachee like a raw egg, the coachee will hardly return home with new perspectives. B. An exclusively confronting coach on the other hand will […]