Strategy Execution – Current Projects 1Q 2018

We are celebrating a good start in 2018. And the good thing is: many of our customers’ initiatives cover significant  improvements in terms of value add processes and people.


  1. Kick Off Strategy Workshop with the thirty leaders of a manufacturing area that covers 5.500 employees at an Automotive Supplier. Focus: common planning of three breakthrough initiatives in 2018.

Overall Productivity | Workforce Flexibility | Communication Processes.

In Flight:

  1. Consolidation of a recent Employee Survey Feedback Process and additional 360° Feedbacks for high and mid-level leaders at Pharmaceuticals. Top Manager’s motto:

“Let us use these results in order to figure out any serious staff related risks (e.g. engagement level) and also our main areas of improvement of our own leadership behaviour.”

This initative covers one-on-one Leadership Coachings and several Feedback Workshops.

On Deck (in prospect):

  1. Training and coaching of front line leaders who work close to the value stream in Automotive. Focus: learn and apply the mind set and the techniques of successful step-by-step improvements of manufacturing processes (KAIZEN).
  2. Facilitating the Strategy Development and Execution process in a single-piece manufacturing area in Automotive. Focus: raise this area’s EBIT significantly.



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